Getting Started Question

Mar 28, 2016 at 2:21 AM
Edited Mar 28, 2016 at 2:52 AM

I downloaded the latest version, 3.3.5. I created a new solution, with the recommended projects, and I added the three, framework projects. The video does not seem to match what is in the sample projects.

Is there a getting started guide that covers what needs to be done? I saw the article posts, under Documentation, but I am not sure which ones are relevant to the current framework, and which ones may be obsolete.

If not:
The sample solution appears to have added a Repostiory project, just for repositories, which are called from the Service app. It appears that the controller calls the service and the service calls the repository. There does not seem to be a DAL project. Is the appropriate design to have five projects: Web, DAL, Entities, Service, and Repository?

CustomerRepository is not descended from the Repository.Pattern.Ef6 Repository class, nor does it implement any interfaces. Should it?

Northwind.Web contains two CustomerControllers. One is in the Controllers directory. It just returns two views and does not call either the service or the repository. There is a second controller, in the Api directory. It descends from ODataController and stores a UnitOfWork and a CustomerService.

Should I follow the example of the ODataController descendant controller, make calls to the service, which make calls to the repository?

Lastly, the sample project does not have - none that I found - Unity DI registration calls. Should we have the calls illustrated in the video? Are there different calls? Is DI not being used?