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Quick Samples in LINQPad
*Please download to see real world implementation in sample ASP.NET MVC 5 application.

Download to LINQPad *linq file used in this example:

Simple query for all categories
*Initializing of UnitofWork and Repositories would be facilitated by DI & IoC in real world implementation.

// Initialize a repository (obviously this would be injected in real world implementation)
var categoryRepository = new Repository<Category>(this);

var categories1 = categoryRepository


Simple query, with clause and sorting

var categories2 = categoryRepository
	.Query(c => c.CategoryID < 5)
	.OrderBy(x => x.OrderBy(y => y.CategoryName)
		.ThenBy(w => w.CategoryID))

Simple query with deep loading graph and projection

var categories = categoryRepository
	.Query(x => x.CategoryName == "Produce")
		.Include(x => x.Products.Select(p => p.Supplier))
		.Include(x => x.Products.Select(p => p.OrderDetails))
	.Select(x => new {
			CategoryId = x.CategoryID,
			ProductCount = x.Products.Count(),
			ItemsSold = x.Products.SelectMany(p => p.OrderDetails).Sum(p => p.Quantity)

Accessing repositories from UnitOfWork, with async (EF6 only)
(obviously this would be injected in real world implementation)

IUnitOfWorkAsync unitOfWork = new UnitOfWork(this);	
var product1 = await unitOfWork.RepositoryAsync<Product>().FindAsync(2);

Async hybrid deletes

var isDeleted = await productRepository.DeleteAsync(2);

If everything from the Repository returns a single Entity or IEnumerable, how do I support OData which needs IQueryable? Framework, supports OData!

public class CustomerController : ODataController
    private readonly IRepositoryAsync<Customer> _customerRepository;

    public CustomerController(IRepositoryAsync<Customer> customerRepository)
        _customerRepository = customerRepository;

    // GET odata/Customer
    public PageResult<Customer> GetCustomer(ODataQueryOptions<Customer> oDataQueryOptions)
        var queryable = _customerRepository.ODataQueryable(oDataQueryOptions);

        return new PageResult<Customer>(
            queryable as IEnumerable<Customer>, 

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