Generic Unit of Work and Repositories (lightweight fluent) Framework with Sample Northwind ASP.NET MVC 5 Application

This framework minimizes the surface area of your ORM technology from disseminating in your application. This framework was deliberately designed to be lightweight, small in footprint size, and non-intimidating to extend and maintain. When we say lightweight we really mean lightweight, when using this framework with the Entity Framework provider there are only 12 classes. This lightweight framework will allow you to elegantly, unobtrusively, and easily patternize your applications and systems with Repository, Unit of Work, and Domain Driven Design.

Live demo:
Live demo is Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment Site directly from this CodePlex repository.

Sample Application Technology Stack:

Visual Studio 2013, Entity Framework 6, Sql Server 2014 / Sql Azure, Azure WebSite, ASP.NET MVC 5, AngularJS, Kendo UI, Angular Kendo, Web Api 2, OData, Entlib Unity

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